The tournament

Announcement chess tournament Koh Samui

Playing venue 5* Hotel The Ritz-Carlton Koh Samui
Modus 7 rounds Swiss System
Speed of play 90 min. for the first 40 moves, 30 min. for the rest, Bonus 30 sec./move beginning with the first move.
Schedule Schedule
Evaluation Elo-rated - no norms possible
Planned team members
Organization and Analysis
GM Jörg Hickl, GM Michael Prusikin, IM Dr. Erik Zude
depending on the number of participants
Prize money

In total 750 €

1. Place             250 €
2. Place             150 €
3. - 4. Place       100 € 
5. - 7. Place         50 € 

Starting fee

The entry fee is ialready ncluded in the travel price - no external participation


Minimum Elo 1000 (exceptions on request)
Number of participants: max. 40

Arbiter IM Dr. Erik Zude

Waiting time 30 minutes

Only players who have a FIDE identification number (ID code) are allowed to participate.
Evidence is provided via under Ratings, all players and can be viewed by anyone.
More information at

The Fide-ID can be requested from the tournament management by September 15, 2022 stating surname, first name, gender, exact date of birth, nationality.

It is not allowed to take cell phones into the gaming room.


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